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60% Of All Melanomas Are First Noticed By Their Owner

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Posted 25/09/13

Melanoma comes in many shapes & sizes. While most fit the standard ABCD criteria, other melanoma are a little more cunning, but because you know your skin, you may notice something. The problem is, that whilst people may notice a worrying mole, many delay bringing it to the attention of their doctor. In fact, studies suggest that it can take upwards of 12 months for some people (particularly males!) to seek medical attention about worrisome moles – and for some people that might be too long.

In addition to the ABCD, if you notice any moles that fit the general “E” for evolution criteria of:

  • Changing
  • Itchy
  • Different from all the rest (Ugly ducklings)
  • New

you should immediately bring them to the attention of MoleMap, or your doctor.

Melanoma Diagnosed by Dermatologists have better survival rates

To find melanoma earlier, we need to look for different, more subtle indicators that change is going on. You can help this process by looking for the above, but the reality is that there are experts (dermatologists) who are well attuned to what subtle.

Very early stage melanoma such as these two are considerably more difficult to diagnose with the naked eye and therefore require additional tools to help identify them. MoleMap dermatologists use tools, such as dermoscopy & digital serial dermoscopy, that enable them to pick up melanoma that would otherwise have to grow significantly before you would notice it. That is why melanoma discovered by dermatologists are less invasive and have better survival outcomes than those discovered by patients.

If you have any moles that worry you, don’t leave it until it is too late, get them seen by a dermatologist.

Better still, if you have any of the following risk factors:

  • Personal History of melanoma
  • Family History of melanoma
  • Lots of moles
  • Funny looking moles

or just want to know what is going on in your skin, book now with MoleMap by Dermatologists. Not only will your skin & moles be seen by a Dermatologist, but you will also have a record of your skin for life. This mean that if you suspect change in a mole any time in the future, a quick visit to MoleMap will provide the answer.

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So if you’re concerned about a mole or are at risk, don’t wait until it is too late – call MoleMap on 0800 MOLEMAP (0800 665 3627) or book online now.