Skin Cancer

The Appearance of Melanoma

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Posted 03/10/13

Melanoma is the most serious of all skin cancers. You should be very careful when in the sun to avoid getting this awful disease.

There are precautions that you can take in order to prevent it from developing as well as different ways to recognize the signs of it on your skin. You should pay attention to any spots that are new or begin to look different so that you can catch this disease and have it diagnosed and treated in the very early stages.

There are things that you need to watch for and things that you should do to make sure that this does not develop. You should be especially cautious if there is a family history of skin cancer as this can cause you to be a higher risk factor.

What Causes Melanoma?

Melanoma is caused by direct exposure to the sun and also from sunburns. In order to prevent this disease you should always use sunscreen.

You should also pay very close attention to sun advisories and avoid going outside in the sun in those high peak times that you are warned about. These are the prime times that you will be most likely to get sunburned which can lead to this disease on your skin.

Melanoma is the most dangerous of skin cancers. It can present and begin growing inside mole on your skin without warning at all. It can also just present a new growth on a new area of your skin.

It can take over your skin and grow very rapidly on your skin. It is very important to catch Melanoma and have it removed quickly and in the earliest stages possible. If you are able to catch it very early on, the recovery rate is quite high.

Diagnosing Melanoma

There are different things to look for when trying to self diagnose Melanoma. One of the first things to look for is whether or not both sides of the mole look the same. They normally have a different look on either side.

The edges are normally jagged or rough and the size seems to change. One last thing is that it seems to discolor. You will find some darker and lighter spots on the growth that may be a black or brown color.

These signs normally mean that it needs to be checked by a physician immediately. Do not wait around if you detect any sign of Melanoma.

Melanoma is not a disease that needs to be put off or hesitated in being checked out by a physician. If you have any of these symptoms, or have new lesions or possibly bleeding, you should be checked out immediately.

Wear your sunscreen and avoid periods of direct sunlight exposure. Make sure you watch carefully for any unusual marks and any changes on the ones you may already have. Melanoma is highly curable as long as you pay attention and get it treated as soon as possible.