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How To Avoid Getting Melanoma

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Posted 03/10/13

Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer that kills many people every year. Fortunately, the cause of this cancer is well known.

It is generally caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Individuals with a history in their family are particularly susceptible to getting this form of cancer, although anyone can contract it.


A person who has to go out in the sun a lot should do all that he or she can to prevent overexposure to the sun. Wearing thin pants and a thin long sleeve shirt will protect the skin, as will wearing a sun hat. Using sunscreen is always a good idea.

Check the label on the bottle and make sure the sunscreen offers a high level of protection.

Many people do not realize that the sun is not the only source of harmful UV rays. Tanning salons are particularly dangerous and are known to cause an increased risk of getting melanoma or some other form of skin cancer.

While staying tanned over the winter is important for many people, it is important to recognize that doing so does have its risks.


Many people spend time in the sun because they want to, not because they have to. Those who intend to spend a day at the beach should make sure they are not overly exposed to the sun.

Using sunscreen and a good beach umbrella is always advisable. One should especially use sunscreen if he or she intends to swim, as the water will magnify the sun’s rays.

While melanoma can be deadly, it does not have to be. Unlike other cancers, the cause of melanoma is well known. A person who would like to avoid getting this form of cancer should not spend too much time out in the sun.

Use sunscreen, wear a hat and clothing that protects the body and avoid numerous visits to the local tanning salon. One should also check for abnormal moles every so often.

With proper prevention, one should not have to worry about melanoma of the other forms of skin cancer.