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Benefits of having a MoleMap

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Posted 18/10/18

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Diagnostic Accuracy:

At MoleMap we take the early detection of melanoma very seriously. By combining innovative technology with the skills of expert dermatologists we are doing everything possible to accurately detect melanoma skin cancer at the earliest possible stage. Afterall, the earlier we can detect melanoma the greater your chances of a full recovery.

Thorough Procedure:

Your initial MoleMap consultation takes 1 hour. This enables us to capture digital images of all your visible lesions that are then assessed by our specialists. Why? Because we take your concerns seriously so by the time you leave us we want you to feel assured and confident that we have captured all relevant information for our expert dermatologists to make an accurate assessment.

Instant Access to a Dermatologist Opinion:

New Zealand has reasonably long waiting lists to see a specialist. Booking an appointment with MoleMap provides almost instant access to a dermatologist opinion so there is no need to worry about long waiting lists. MoleMap enables you to act quickly – this puts you in more control of your situation.

FREE Follow-Up Spot Checks*:

MoleMap takes patient concerns seriously so if you are still concerned about a lesion after your initial consultation you can come back, free of charge, for another dermatologist opinion. Occasionally the dermatologist will also ask to do a free three month review of some lesions. This is entirely normal – they are just ensuring that they are making the correct diagnosis and don’t want to surgically remove lesions unless they need to.

A Programme For Life:

MoleMap is not just a point in time assessment of your skin but a lifelong partnership that helps you avoid the tragic effects of melanoma skin cancer. All moles imaged during your initial consultation are encrypted and stored away in a central server and act as a baseline or reference point for ongoing MoleMap assessments.


Our nurses are passionate about what they do and will pass on plenty of information and useful tips about skin cancer and how to reduce your odds of getting skin cancer in the future. This helps put you in control of the risks posed by skin cancer.

Nationwide Clinics:

Having a nationwide presence + your personal history stored on a central database enables you to continue having MoleMaps no matter where you live.

To book a MoleMap appointment today phone 0800 MOLEMAP or click here to make an online booking.

* This offer must be taken up within 12 months of the initial consultation.

It is important to note, especially if you are at high risk of getting melanoma, that you also continue having regular clinical assessments with your GP or specialist

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