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Can Diet Lower The Risk Of Melanoma

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Posted 03/10/13

A lot of emphasis is being put on healthy living as of late. Many researchers and doctors believe that even some of the most serious conditions such as cancer can be prevented with a balanced diet. Is this the case with the most dangerous of skin cancers – melanoma?


So far, studies have shown that there are some antioxidants which can prevent the formation of cancerous cells and consequently of cancerous moles. `The antioxidants work to prevent damaged cells from damaging the surrounding ones.

The vitamins with antioxidant properties which have been suggested as helpful for melanoma prevention are the vitamins from the B group, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotenes. Beta-carotenes are actually natural compounds found in many vegetables and fruits which the human body coverts into vitamin A. Zinc has also been found to help for skin health and for the prevention of this condition.

You should be able to get sufficient amounts of these vitamins and minerals to lower your risk of melanoma through a balanced diet. The different vitamins from the B group are most abundantly found in foods with animal origin such as meat, dairy and eggs. There are certainly many healthy choices in this category such as chicken breast, fish and low-fat milk. Eggs can also be consumed regularly by all people who do not have high cholesterol.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are found in many fruits and vegetables. For getting beta-carotenes, you should eat orange vegetables like carrots and pumpkin. All nuts have considerable amounts of zinc. It is essential for you to consume them raw.


Even though there is scientific evidence that antioxidants can lower the risk of this type of melanoma skin cancer, the magnitude of their effect has not yet been determined. There is no guarantee that if you get sufficient amounts of these antioxidants you will never get melanoma. That is why it is essential for you to adopt a complete set of measures for prevention.

Avoiding exposure to ultraviolet radiation is one of the best things which you can do for prevention. This means avoiding not only sun exposure during the midday hours but also tanning lamps and beds. Applying sunscreen on all exposed areas of the body every day is also essential. You should also wear breathable clothing which covers most of your body when you go outside.

Regular melanoma screenings are the main component of effective prevention. Getting checked on a regular basis will lower your risk significantly.