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Common Types Of Melanoma And Diagnosis

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Posted 03/10/13

Melanoma can attack a person at any stage of life. There is no definite time for getting or avoiding it. For this reason, it is essential that you stay alert all the time. You want able to handle the situation in case you are a victim of the deadly disease. Any medical statistical data in New Zealand will reveal to you all the common types of melanoma and the right way to diagnose them. This article will discuss this to help you understand the problem better.


The first type of melanoma is the one that spreads in a superficial way. It is the most dangerous of all as it is responsible for the highest number of cases reported globally. Statistics in New Zealand will reveal to you that this disease mostly affects legs in women and backs for men.

Lucky enough, it does not affect children as the diagnosis age is from 30 to 50 years. You should, however, not take this literally to mean that no other age or part of body can be affected – these are the ones that stand out as the most affected by the disease.

There is nodular melanoma which is known to spread very fast after one has been affected. The statistics in NZ show that close to 20 percent of this type of cancer will begin to grow in the form of a deep lump that is purple in color but that will vary from one person to another and its stage of development.

The tumor of this type will grow very fast more so when it is exposed to precipitating factors. Another of the melanoma types that NZ studies focus on is lentigo maligna. This one is very unique in that it occurs in very strange parts of the body like the face thus it would be very easy to diagnose.


The fact that the skin is always exposed to direct sunlight worsens the situation as far as this disease is concerned. Therefore a diagnosed person is advised to stay indoors during the day. The good thing, however, is the fact that lentigo malina will take many years to grow into a dangerous stage giving one more time to seek cure.

The best way to diagnose melanoma is by visiting a doctor for specialized checkup. Do not do it on your own when you have no expertise to handle it or seek the assistance of quacks that are not well trained.