Skin Cancer

How To Detect Skin Cancer In Its Early Stages

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Posted 23/08/13

We know when we are sick as various symptoms come up. They differ depending on the sickness. For example, high-temperature is the main symptom of the flu. However, detecting skin cancer is very difficult as there are not easily notable symptoms. It can lead to death if it is undetected at the right time.


Skin cancer does not discriminate according to age or sex. Of all the different forms, melanoma is the most dangerous type. As there is a fast growth, detection of the cancer must be at its earliest stage. Only then it is possible to find the right remedy for the condition. The presence of malignant moles on the body can be detected. It is very helpful for an individual to keep a track record of his/her moles. Undetected malignancy in moles will lead to development of cancerous moles. A track record can be maintained from time to time to check out for the overall presence of moles and their condition. Malignant moles often occur inn the regions that are exposed to ultraviolet rays released by the sun. Physical examination includes assessing the size of the moles, the change in the color, and the change in the shape and border enlargement. A routine physical examination carried out by the doctor will also be helpful in checking for the presence of malignant moles in most cases. Detecting malignancy in the early stage will prevent occurrence of skin cancer.


Any presence of more moles than the average number can also be treated as suspicious. A checklist can be prepared with all the important factors to be checked on the moles. This can be prepared with the help of a specialist. Mole mapping will help any person keep an eye over the growth of mole or the physical change of the mole. The aforementioned advice is very helpful in preventing skin cancer. Detecting cancer in later stages will only make it hard for an individual to find a proper cure. With the help of mole mapping, it is possible to identify the first stage of malignancy. This will help find the best cure for the disease. All it takes to create a mole map of the entire body is a good time and good eye. It is now possible to avoid occurrence of skin cancer. All one has to do is to prepare a checklist and maintain the schedule that will help them prevent the occurrence of a malignant mole.