Melanoma Awareness, Preventative Tips

Detecting Melanoma In Its Early Stages

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Posted 03/10/13

Wearing sunscreen lotion is very important to protect the skin from the harmful radiation that is emitted by the sun, that can cause melanoma. We all have come across the damages caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays. There is a possibility that skin cancer occurs during childhood. Apart from this, the presence of skin cancer in the family history also makes it more likely for the future generations to get it. Of course, even the most protected person can still fall prey to any kind of skin cancer.


However, it is possible to detect occurrence of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, in its earliest stage.
Melanoma starts as a mole on the skin. It is very similar to the natural moles that are located on different parts of the body. It would be very difficult to differentiate between the natural mole and melanoma. This confusion arises during the first stage of its occurrence. Keeping an eye on the presence of the moles on the body will be helpful for a person to avoid skin cancer. The presence of additional moles that have popped up recently is suspicious. They should be monitored by a professional to check for presence of melanoma. Biopsy can also be performed if required.

Digital images are stored by the doctor to check out for physical change and growth of the mole. During the next visit, a new set of digital images are created by the doctor. The new set of images is then compared with the previous set of images. If there is any change in the physical appearance, the doctor will then perform a biopsy. Detecting melanoma in its early stage increases the survival rate among people who are affected with the disease. Any advancement of the disease will reduce the survival rate dramatically.


Hence, there is a need to detect melanoma in its early stage. One should be their own advocate to check for the presence of melanoma. A schedule and a checklist can be prepared to have a glance at the moles that are present on the body. Having knowledge about family history will also be useful for detecting the presence of malignant moles on the skin. Educating the children is a great idea to make them learn about the early detection of melanoma.

Generally, the survival rate is high when melanoma is detected in its early stage. The important thing is to go see a doctor right after spotting a suspicious mole.