Hello Spring!

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Posted 10/09/18
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Throw open the doors, pull on a t-shirt and take the family outside – spring is here! It’s wonderful to find the evenings a little lighter, the days warmer and the flowers starting to bloom. As we emerge from winter, now’s a good time to give our health routine a spring clean.

A great place to start is our diet. Embrace the delicious new season produce such as peas, beans and asparagus along with avocado and fresh berries. You can put away the crockpot and casserole dish and say hello to salads, colourful veggies and fresh fruit.

With longer daylight hours and warmer weather, it’s easier to get out and about and include more exercise in your day. Make it an after-dinner walk, a kick around with the kids, or an early morning workout. An exercise boost will improve your mental and physical wellbeing and the fresh air will lift your spirits. Remember to look after your skin when you’re outside, even while the weather is mild.

Your home deserves a health boost in the warmer months too. Spring is an ideal time to air out the house and flood it with fresh air and sunshine. Take some time to declutter the rooms in your house and pass on any unwanted toys, clothes and homewares to people who need them.

Make time for nesting too. It’s important to include some rest and relaxation each day, whether it’s meditation, yoga or just relaxing. A little quiet headspace before bedtime is the perfect way to quieten the mind and prepare the body for a good sleep.

And lastly, maintain healthy relationships by spending quality time with your family and friends.