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The Importance of MoleMap for Skin Cancer Detection

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Posted 02/10/13

Every human being has moles on various locations of the body, which can be check out with a mole map. It is very normal for them to be present even though many find it to be quite annoying. It is possible that moles can be removed using the conventional methods or through laser surgery. However, this is not recommended for those who are in good health. There is a possibility that one may experience the formation of malignant moles when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Malignancy most commonly occurs in moles and spreads to other parts of the body when it is neglected or undetected in its early stage. This is why, to prevent such occurrence, an individual should opt for a mole map.

MoleMap Checklist

A mole map acts as a checklist for an individual. Going through the checklist from time to time will help a person detect for the presence of malignant moles. The important factors present in the checklist are the change in size of the mole, the change in color of the mole, change in size of the mole and change in the border of the mole. These four factors play a vital role in detecting melanoma. With the help of a mole map, there is a possibility for an individual to detect a malignant mole in its first stage.

As frequent mole mapping is carried out, there is a possibility that malignant moles can be treated and even cured. When mole map is not used by an individual, malignancy will be undetected and the healthy moles may turn into cancerous moles. As there is a faster growth of malignant moles, the cancerous element spreads to other locations of the skin. At this stage, it would be impossible to find a proper treatment and there is a chance that a person might die due to melanoma. Detection is the best option available for any individual to overcome skin cancers.

Detecting Skin Cancer with a MoleMap

The mole map plays a vital role in the detection of skin cancer in its earlier stage. Now that you have understood its importance, it is the right time to carry out frequent checkups of all the moles present on the body. If any possible physical change has been noticed, approaching the specialist will be helpful in finding out the present condition of your skin and the appearance of cancerous moles. Acting at the right time is the key to successful treatment of skin cancer. Of all the forms, malignant moles are the most dangerous. A schedule can be prepared for mole mapping.