Melanoma Awareness

Melanoma: The Most Dangerous Skin Cancer

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Posted 03/10/13

Melanoma is not something to take lightly. It is the single most deadly type of skin cancer that exists, claiming more lives every year than anything else. As the name implies, it is related to the cells in the skin that produce melanin. This is what gives skin its color. It also is responsible for producing freckles. This is found all throughout the skin, which is part of the reason that the cancer is so dangerous for those who have it.

Varying Forms of Melanoma

There is one variation to this that should be noted. It is not always associated specifically with the skin. It can also be connected to the part of the human eye that contains colour. This is often referred to as “Melanoma of the Eye.”

It has its own symptoms and impacts. Though they are closely related to typical skin cancer, it is important for people to understand that there are two different types so that they can be aware of the threat no matter how it comes to them.

Preventing Melanoma

If a person has developed melanoma, fast action is required. The best way to fight melanoma is to detect it in its early stages. This is why it is highly recommended, for those who are exposed to the sun, to get checked frequently. Remember, early detection reduces your chances of developing melanoma skin cancer.

Being checked, even if you’re not convinced there is a problem, will give you the best chance to detect and fight melanoma before any serious health problems surface.

Melanoma appears as irregularly-shaped patches/blotches on the skin. These vary from black, blue, or brown in colour. In some cases, they are raised, however this is uncommon.

In conclusion, melanoma is a form of skin cancer that all New Zealander’s should be aware of. The effects can come about quickly and can ultimately be fatal. Watching for the warning signs and taking action is something that everyone should do.