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Men Delay Getting Moles Checked

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Posted 02/10/13

Skin cancer specialist and MoleMap medical director, Dr Mark Gray, says new patient research shows that one in five men (20%) waited at least six months to act on a lesion of concern, with 5% taking up to a year.


Dr Gray says the new survey highlights just how many men delay seeking medical advice for lesions of concern and how this can ultimately result in a worse prognosis if the lesion is in fact a skin cancer.

“Kiwis need to ensure they visit a specialist as soon as they find a mole or lesion of concern as we’ve found that more than one in five of these consultations results in a diagnosis of skin cancer.”

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in New Zealand and affects around 60,000 Kiwis a year with around 250 dying from the disease annually.

“Melanoma is often completely without symptoms. Left untreated, in severe cases the cancer can progress to other areas of the body such as the brain, lymph nodes, lungs and liver,” says Dr Gray.

If you are concerned about a mole or lesion then don’t delay getting it assessed by a medical professional or book an appointment with MoleMap (0800 MOLEMAP)