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Monitor To Help Diagnose Melanoma

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Posted 03/10/13

It is now possible to detect melanoma in its early stage. This is good news as a person affected with melanoma can find the best treatment to eliminate it completely. This has become possible due to the advanced technological development of digital monitoring which makes it possible to detect the deadliest skin cancer in its early stage.

Checking for Melanoma

Examination of the affected regions of the human body that are exposed to ultraviolet rays is usually carried out. Dermatoscope is a device used by the professional to carry out the examination. It is possible for the specialist to look at the pigmentation which is usually present on the skin. By looking at the pigmentation, it is possible to diagnose occurrence of melanoma in an earlier stage.

This activity will reduce the necessary excisions that the patient should undergo. The device can also be connected to the monitor that gives in-depth analysis of the pigmentation and lesion. There is a definite pickup rate of 92% by following this process. It is effective for detecting the presence of skin cancer. All the visible features are recorded by the doctor. A mole that is considered to be melanoma will be treated or removed based upon its present condition.

Undiagnosed Melanoma

8% of melanoma cases are not diagnosed based on their physical appearance Because to this, there is a possibility that the disease is spread at a rapid rate to the neighboring tissues and cells. To overcome such a situation, one will have to carry out short monitoring process. Digital images of all the moles present on the body can be taken.

After three months a second set of photographs should be taken of all the moles present on the body. Comparing it with the previous images will be helpful in sensing in the physical change of the moles. If there is any change, it would be wise to visit a reputed dermatologist to carry out tests that will help detect presence of melanoma.

Mole monitoring is very important for every human being to prevent occurrence of melanoma. The physical change that occurs in the mole makes it possible to spot the presence of melanoma in its early stage. Short-term monitoring is the best way for detection of the disease and this is usually possible through mole mapping.

It is very important to visit the dermatologist within the mentioned time frame to note the possible changes and to prevent occurrence of the disease.