Privacy Information and Data Handling Agreement

Please review our policies prior your appointment.

  • Copies of your electronic files, including all encrypted body images, lesion images and data are stored on a secure server which is located in New Zealand.
  • All data collected by MoleMap is confidential. MoleMap personnel adhere to confidentiality and privacy protocols required by legislation.
  • Unless you request otherwise, access to your report will be via MoleMap portal, a secure electronic interface. Where requested, your doctor will receive a copy of your report electronically or by ordinary mail. This report will include relevant images of your body.
  • Access to the MoleMap portal, which includes your electronic report and your body and lesion images, is protected by a unique Access Code provided to you at your appointment.

By using MoleMap services you agree that:

  • Your body and lesion images will be made available for your personal use via secure access on the MoleMap portal.
  • Your referring/nominated doctor will be provided with secure access to your body and lesion images for ongoing melanoma surveillance.
  • MoleMap may obtain further information and reports regarding skin lesions of concern from any medical practitioner, health service or pathology provider.
  • MoleMap may contact you to advise of current MoleMap initiatives and MoleMap promotional offers which may be of interest to you or your family and friends.
  • Your information will be shared with our partners for the purposes set out in our Health Information and Privacy Statement, to help you make the most of being a MoleMap customer.
  • Your data (the information collected, and images taken) will not be shared with other organisations for any purpose other than for:
    • research to improve the early detection and treatment of melanoma
    • the education of medical or health personnel.
  • In order to maintain patient confidentiality, MoleMap will ensure that any data shared for research or education purposes will be anonymous and will contain no identifiable details.

Note the above are opt-out preferences which can be amended on the patient portal. You understand that at any time you can change the above privacy opt outs, through your secure patient portal or by contacting the MoleMap customer services team on 0800 665 362, via email to [email protected] or letter to MoleMap New Zealand Ltd. PO BOX 2810, Shortland St, Auckland 1140, New Zealand.

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