Your answers show that you have a low to moderate risk of developing melanoma.

What you should do....

<p><strong>Book</strong> a Skin Check</p> Icon

Book a Skin Check

Low risk doesn't mean NO risk – book a MoleMap Skin Check+ or a Full Body MoleMap every year to pick up any skin cancers early.

<p><strong>Check</strong> your skin</p> Icon

Check your skin

Check your skin yourself at least every 6 months (here’s how), and ask your GP to check it once a year.

<p><strong>Protect</strong> your skin</p> Icon

Protect your skin

Living in New Zealand increases your risk of skin cancer, so protect your skin everyday – wear SPF30+ sunscreen, cover up with a hat, sunglasses and clothing, and reduce your sun exposure (especially between 10am and 4pm in the daylight savings months).

How much does it cost?

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Per appointment

Skin Check

Skin Check

  • ✓ Head to toe skin check by Melanographer
  • ✓ Imaging of any moles of concern for expert Dermatologist diagnosis
  • ✓ Advice on skin cancer prevention
  • ✓ No referral necessary

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