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We don’t just check skin.

We spot change.

Your skin is always changing. That’s why we combine our proven skin-mapping system with skin cancer expertise to track changes over time.

It’s an effective way to detect melanoma early – when it’s most treatable. Call 0800 665 362 to book now.

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We can spot the spots that you might not.

Melanoma is fast-growing and the most life-threatening of all skin cancers.1 It's also hard to detect with an untrained eye.

Our proprietary skin-mapping system, developed exclusively by MoleMap, is designed to look deep inside a mole’s structure to detect any potential skin cancers that can’t be seen with visual checks.

Why? Because the earlier it’s found, the better the chances of beating it.2

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Your skin never stops changing.

So never stop checking.

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world.1 Around 7 Kiwis are diagnosed with it every day – and around 300 New Zealanders die from it every year.(3,4)

That’s why we recommend checking your skin yourself at least every three months – and booking a thorough, head-to-toe skin cancer check-up with MoleMap every year.


Early detection is your best protection.

Skin cancer such as melanoma can appear at any time in your life and the risk increases as you age. The good news is that if it’s detected early, it’s almost always treatable. So don’t leave it to chance: book with MoleMap NZ today.

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3 services to suit every body.

We offer a range of services, from a basic skin check to a comprehensive Full Body MoleMap. Take our risk check or give us a call to see which service is right for you.

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Full Body MoleMap

Our most comprehensive service: essential for first-time patients and anyone considered to be medium to high risk (take our risk quiz).

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Full Body Follow-Up

Recommended for Year 2 and beyond. We compare any changes in your skin against the baseline created during your Full Body MoleMap.

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MoleMap Skin Check

Ideal if you’re considered low risk (take our risk quiz) or if you have just a few moles that you're concerned about. NB: skin mapping not included.

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