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We’re skin cancer specialists.

About us.

Our team of leading Dermatologists and Melanographers have been detecting and diagnosing melanoma for over two decades. It’s all we do, and we do it thoroughly.

The MoleMap difference.

Technology + Melanographers + Dermatologists = accuracy you can trust.

Only MoleMap combines proven technology with thorough skin checks by trained Melanographers and expert diagnosis of any suspicious moles by leading Dermatologists.

That’s what makes us unique and what makes our skin-mapping system so effective.

"We want to give our customers complete peace of mind by achieving one of two outcomes – “Great, I know that I don’t have melanoma”, or “Thank goodness it was found early and can be treated!"

- Adrian Bowling (Founder)

The inside story.

Our technology.

At a glance, melanoma can look much like any other spot. That’s why our technology goes below the surface to detect skin cancers much earlier than visual checks.

Our Melanographers use a high-tech camera called a ‘dermoscope’ that looks deep inside a mole’s structure. This, combined with our skin cancer expertise, helps us detect melanoma in its early stages.

How we spot change - the MoleMap story.

The original skin mapping system.

Over 20 years ago, MoleMap’s New Zealand founders pioneered a life-changing new system to detect melanoma. They recognised that many skin cancers were being missed in routine skin checks, because doctors simply didn’t have the technology or training to detect melanoma, particularly at the early stage.

Not only that, the inaccuracy of visual checks meant that many moles were being removed unnecessarily, creating needless scars – and scares - for patients.1

A spot of Kiwi ingenuity.

Our founders figured there must be a better way to detect melanoma earlier and more accurately. So they created MoleMap: the innovative skin-mapping system that’s designed to track changes in the skin over time.

These days, MoleMap has over 50 clinics throughout New Zealand, Australia and the US. And these days, experts around the world use the accuracy of MoleMap’s technology and data to further advance melanoma research, educate other specialists and, ultimately, to protect lives.

Developed by Kiwis for Kiwis.

We’re right across New Zealand.

Choose from over 40 MoleMap clinics at handy locations all around New Zealand – simply click below or give us a call to see which one is closest to you.

Even more good reasons to choose MoleMap.

We check. And double-check.

With MoleMap you get two sets of expert eyes examining any moles of concern: a trained Melanographer and an expert Dermatologist.

Fewer scars. Fewer scares.

Because MoleMap can more accurately identify melanoma, there is less need to surgically remove benign (harmless) moles.1

Impartial service.

We don’t offer surgery to remove melanomas or any other skin cancers, which means our recommendations for treatment are completely non-biased.

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Early detection makes a difference.

Early melanoma detection offers a nearly 100% chance of survival within 5 years.2 That’s why it’s always worth checking.