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Posted 05/05/17
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“I was an athlete and aerobics instructor and I often trained outdoors. I lived for the sun until I was diagnosed with a grade 3 melanoma at age 27. They removed the mole and I was only concerned about the 2 cm scar on my back, until the specialist called me and said: ‘Get your support people around you. We need to operate this afternoon’. After that, my life changed forever. I stopped training outdoors. In fact, I didn’t go in the sun again for 20 years.

The outdoors is now part of my life again. My new partner is outdoorsy and I really wanted to get outdoors with him. But it’s different now. When I go on holidays to overseas beaches I enjoy it, but I never go in full sun and I always cover up with the right clothing and sunblock. I’ve been wearing a face cream with an SPF in it for 25 years. I’d always been too scared to live that life again.

I know by getting a skin check that I’m protected. If something changes, we’ll all know. I’m the biggest advocate of safe sun habits and regular skin checks and I’ve been getting my skin mapped now for over 15 years. I protect myself from the sun so that I’ll have a lifetime with my partner and our families.”

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