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Sally's Kiwi Skin Story

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Posted 10/05/17
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“For me, being sun smart is about being an expert on my own skin. I keep an eye out for any changes, and I get my skin checked every year, which I have done for the last decade. I’ve got blonde hair, blue eyes and grew up in the ’80s, where we fried ourselves to look good, so I know I’m high risk.

My behaviour in the sun has changed over the years, mostly because of better sun smart education. My family love the outdoors and we often go horse-riding and camping, so we wear hats, t-shirts with sleeves and sun block. There’s a much better selection of sun blocks now.

We lost a young colleague a while ago from Melanoma. He’d just started a new café business so it was awful and tragic…too young. And a family friend is currently being treated for Melanoma. Our fingers are crossed for her.”

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