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Posted 29/06/17
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“We are outside every day with our business, which manages a garden of national significance. We love our workplace. It’s integrated into our home life and comes all the way to our front door! We feel extremely lucky to live and work in a small bit of paradise, where it’s hard not to find beauty in the outdoors.

I’m always asking the team if they have sunblock on. I should get a t-shirt with that printed on the front! I make sure my husband is regularly checked as he has been a gardener for nearly thirty years. I am ashamed to say I haven’t done the same for myself, although I have only recently joined the outdoor team and spent most of my earlier years working in an office all day.

I’m a lot wiser now about the dangers of the New Zealand sun. When I was younger, there were many carefree hours in the water and sports fields without sunscreen and hats. I definitely got toasted more than once and looked like a lobster. Now I hide indoors when it’s too hot outside.

We have been fortunate to not have anyone close to us die from skin cancer, but my grandmother had several melanomas removed. It was a wake up call to start being serious about our skin.”

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