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We spot change.

Referring patients to MoleMap takes the guesswork out of diagnosing skin cancer.

Our system combines proven skin-mapping technology and skin cancer expertise to spot melanoma early – when it's most treatable.

3 reasons to refer patients to MoleMap

Referring to MoleMap is easy - And you’ll receive a report if treatment is recommended for your patient.

Early detection matters.

Early detection is key: patients diagnosed which has a melanoma with a Breslow Thickness of <1mm have a five-year survival rate of between 97-99%, compared to 32-69% for those >4.0mm.2

We check. And double-check.

Data from our Virtual Lesion Clinics shows that when patients present with one lesion of concern, there’s often another hiding in plain sight.9

MoleMap’s surveillance and diagnosis services give you and your patient piece of mind that lesions are double-checked and diagnosed by an expert Dermatologist.

Our service is impartial.

We don’t perform skin cancer surgery, so we return the patient to you, decreasing the number of benign lesions needing excision. MoleMap has an NNT (number needed to treat) of 4.8 for melanoma.6

Did you know there's an easy referral built into all MedTech software?

Who should you refer? Any patients with suspicious or atypical moles or lesions, with 100+ moles, or with a family or personal history of melanoma (see what to look for).