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Bob Marley died from melanoma

No matter your skin tone, you can fall prey to skin cancer.

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Posted 28/07/14
Bod Marley Died Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Did you know that Bob Marley died from melanoma?

No matter your skin tone, you can fall prey to skin cancer. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that people with darker skin are immune to skin cancer.

We have heard numerous times “I don’t need sunscreen or need to have my skin checked, I have darker skin.” Everyone is at risk for skin cancer; tragically, Bob Marley passed away from melanoma skin cancer at age 36!

It is important to remember that melanoma is a public health concern for all ethnic populations. Melanoma primarily affects caucasians, however unfortunately people with darker skin are often diagnosed with skin cancer in the later stages, when it can be advanced and potentially fatal.

To detect melanoma and other skin cancers at the earliest possible stage, it’s important for all of us to pay attention to changes in our skin and to have regular checks by a professional.

The next time someone tells you that they aren’t at risk for skin cancer, let them know about Bob Marley.

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