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Melanoma and car accident mortality rates


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Posted 24/01/14
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Melanoma and car accident mortality have more in common then you think!

These two figures are not often compared, however the death rates of melanoma and car accident mortality are actually very similar. According to Ministry of Health figures there were 326 melanoma deaths in 2009. In the same year 384 people died on New Zealand roads.

Over the years the melanoma death rate has increased gradually while the road death toll has decreased, thus the rates have become more similar. This comparison emphases just how crucial it is to understand the dangers of melanoma and how important it is to protect yourself from the sun! We go to great lengths to try to reduce our risk when driving, for example, we reduce our speed and get frequent car services. However do you put in as much thought when you go into the sun?

To read more information from Sunsmart on melanoma rates.

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