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Don’t wait for melanoma symptoms to appear

Catching hard-to-spot melanoma early is your best protection

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Posted 24/05/14
Early Melanoma Symptoms

The early melanoma symptoms are considered to be quite obvious. They are abnormal growths which look like moles but have considerable differences. Given this, it is natural to ask yourself why so many people still get diagnosed at the advanced stages of the condition and have minimal chances of getting cured. This is because the symptoms are more difficult to spot than most people think.

Melanoma symptoms: Hard to identify

There are several ways in which you can identify abnormal moles. These include the ABCD method, the so called Ugly Duckling method which, is about identifying a mole that looks different from the others around it and the search for a satellite, which is a new growth appearing close to the original one which looks much like it. The truth is that all of these methods can produce misleading results.

It is possible for a cancerous mole to be perfectly rounded and symmetrical and to have just one colour instead of several different ones. A cancerous growth may be somewhat similar to others around it or in the same area of the skin. Similarly, a dangerous growth may not have a satellite at all.

Basically, carcinoma can still exist without the most common melanoma symptoms being present. This is a major reason why you should get regular exams performed by an experienced dermatologist. That way, you will avoid missing a dangerous growth because of the weaknesses of the self-examination methods.

With a medical monitoring procedure such as mole mapping, the suspicious growths on all parts of your skin will be regularly examined and will be compared to images of them taken during the previous examination. The doctor will know exactly how a mole has developed and whether any new suspicious ones have appeared. This will result in highly effective prevention.

Skin And Mole Check At Molemap

Above: Get a regular skin check to catch melanoma at an early stage.

Melanoma symptoms: Timely treatment is crucial

The major reason why you should not wait for the symptoms to appear is that their presence reveals the development of the cancerous growth. In order to stop this process, the doctors will not only remove the growth but will carry out a treatment with strong medications. Despite their best efforts, curing may not be possible if the condition has advanced.

When suspicious moles are monitored effectively, they can be removed before they turn into dangerous carcinomas. In this case, the treatment will not involve medications and will have the highest possible chances of success at the same time.

You should take all possible measures for preventing skin cancer. Having good knowledge of the melanoma symptoms is just the most basic one.

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