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Spot the Difference Challenge - the results are in!

50,000 Kiwis and Aussies have tried our Spot the Difference Challenge multiple choice quiz – read on to see how they did...and whether you can beat them!

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Posted 06/04/21

The results from the Spot the Difference Challenge show just how difficult it can be to spot the early signs of skin cancer with an untrained eye.

While 9 out of 10 people got the first question correct, the correct results tapered off as the questions became more challenging with less than one in 10 answering the last two questions correctly.

The seven questions in the quiz were based on the ABCDEFG rules of detecting melanoma – a helpful guide for recognising the early signs of melanoma when self-checking your skin.

If you haven't tried it yet, take the challenge now to see if you can do better – or read on to see how others fared...

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The quiz started off with some easy questions...

As you can see from the results above, the hints supplied made the answers fairly straightforward for question 1 and 2, and most people got them right with 88% and 60% correct responses respectively.

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...and became more difficult towards the end

In the latter part of the quiz, the questions became more challenging and the hints less helpful, so by the time respondents got to questions 6 and 7, the correct responses dropped to just 13% and 6% respectively.

Question 7 in particular showed a series of images from one patient's back - with some rather 'scary' looking moles included in 3 or 4 of the images. The images with the 'scary' moles were selected in nearly 9 out of 10 responses rather than the image showing the actual melanoma.

Perhaps the biggest learning from this is just how difficult it is to recognise the early signs of melanoma with an untrained eye - and in particular when a person has many moles, or has sun damage. This question really shows the benefit of a skin-mapping service such as a Full Body MoleMap.

What makes a Full Body MoleMap different?

Our most comprehensive service, a Full Body MoleMap is a complete mole-mapping and monitoring programme designed to track changes in your skin over time and detect any at-risk features of melanoma and other skin cancers early – when they’re most treatable. It’s suitable for everyone, especially if you have a moderate to high risk of melanoma, have a lot of moles and/or sun damage, or simply want the total reassurance of having your skin and moles expertly monitored over time.

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