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Posted 15/10/14
Self Examination For Melanoma

Have you ever heard of the Ugly Duckling Sign? It can help you to spot melanoma skin cancer.

The method behind the Ugly Duckling Sign is that when you are checking your skin for melanoma, compare your moles with each other; most spots and dots on your body should look similar to one another and anything that stands out or looks different from the surrounding moles, is the ugly duckling.

Thinking of “the ugly duckling” mole, aka “the outlier”, is the one that at a given moment, looks or feels different from other moles, or that over time, changes differently than other moles. The ugly duckling may be a single small mole in amongst larger ones, or a single large mole in amongst smaller ones. It is something that sticks out from the rest.

This methodology may be especially useful in the detection of nodular melanoma, a dangerous type of melanoma, which notoriously lacks the classic ABCDE signs.

The take home message: if you see a mole that looks different from the surrounding moles on your skin, exhibits any of the ABCDEs, or is changing then you should make an appointment with MoleMap (0800 MOLEMAP or book online) or your doctor immediately.

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