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Why you must not ignore melanoma symptoms

The early melanoma is caught, the better the survival rates.

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Posted 22/03/14
Early Melanoma Symptoms

It is common for the cancer symptoms to be “silent” at first until the disease develops to an advanced stage. The situation is similar with the melanoma symptoms. The difference, however, is that a person who knows them well can easily spot them even if they are not so obvious. It is crucial for every individual to see a doctor if there are even the slightest causes for concern.

Melanoma Symptoms: Diagnosis and survival rate

When the symptoms of melanoma are recognized at an early stage and the cancer is diagnosed timely, the patient has much higher chances of getting completely cured. If the cancer is diagnosed at its very first stage of development, the 5-year survival rate is 97% while the 10-year survival rate is 95%. As you can see, the condition is curable when it is caught early on.

At the same time, if the treatment begins when the cancer is at the fourth stage of its development, the 5-year survival rate is from 15% to 20%. The 10-year survival rate is between 10% and 15%. The drop in the percentages from the previous category is huge.

The numbers clearly show why even the slightest melanoma symptoms should never be ignored. It is natural for a person to be scared about seeing a doctor. However, the earlier action is taken the higher the chances of complete cure are.

Get Regular Mole Check To Help Prevent Melanoma

Above: Get regular mole check to help prevent melanoma

Melanoma symptoms: Caution required

You can use a specific strategy which will allow you to spot any symptoms quickly and report them to your doctor on time. Your task is to examine your skin carefully and to follow the development of the different growths on it. It is easy to notice a new mole especially if it is bigger than 6 mm. Similarly, you can easily spot if pigment has spread at a certain distance away from the mole. The ABCDE method is highly effectively for spotting suspicious moles as well.

In general, self-examination is extremely important. It should be performed on a monthly basis. This is especially true for individuals who are at higher risk of developing skin cancer. At the same time, self-exams cannot replace medical examinations.

They have to be done on a regular basis and the condition of each suspicious mole must be recorded. The mole mapping method for prevention is highly effective as it allows dermatologists to monitor each mole individually using the most advanced methods available.

You do not have to wait for melanoma symptoms to appear before you see a dermatologist. Keep in mind that prevention is always the best cure.

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