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Comprehensive melanoma skin check service.

Whangarei mole check specialists.

Our friendly Whangarei team have been detecting and diagnosing melanoma and other skin cancers for over two decades.

Need a mole check?

We detect melanoma early.

Mole checks and skin cancer checks are all we do, and we do them thoroughly.

The MoleMap Whangarei skin clinic combines leading technology and skin cancer expertise to diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers.

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Two interesting facts about moles and skin cancer risk

Fact one

People with over 50 normal moles on their body are at higher risk of developing abnormal moles, and statistics show that having more normal moles increases your risk of skin cancer. There is no precise explanation as to why this is the case, but it may be because your skin is more prone to damage from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It is interesting to note that the removal of normal moles will not lower your risk of in any way. The only prevention is regular check-ups.

Fact two

Skin cancer can spread from moles on the skin to vital organs in the body. The cancerous cells travel from the skin to other organs in the body via the lymphatic system and destroy the healthy cells there. It has been found that the liver and the brain are the most commonly affected organs in patients with skin cancer.