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Napier skin check and mole check specialists.

Comprehensive melanoma skin check service in Napier.


Our Napier clinic specialises in mole mapping and skin cancer diagnosis. We provide a relaxed, friendly team who use proven skin-mapping system to diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers early.

What makes MoleMap different?

Watch our video to find out.

Skin-mapping + Melanographers + Dermatologists = accuracy you can trust.

Only MoleMap's proven system combines head-to-toe skin mapping by trained Melanographers with expert diagnosis of any suspicious moles by specialist Dermatologists.

That’s what makes us unique and what makes our skin cancer detection service so effective.

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Your first Napier MoleMap appointment.

What to expect.

Watch our video so you know what to expect when you come to MoleMap Napier – and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Need a mole or skin check in Napier?

We spot melanoma early at our Napier skin clinic.

New Zealand’s UV rates are among the highest in the world, and every bit of UV damage all adds up. Even in winter, UVA rays are high enough to cause aging and skin cancer. Even incidental sun exposure can increase your melanoma risk, which is why it’s crucial to have your skin and moles thoroughly checked, early and often.

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A regular mole check can help prevent melanoma.

A regular and thorough skin check can literally save our life.

Your local skin cancer detection and mole check service
Conveniently located in Meeanee Road we service all surrounding areas, including: Hastings, Jervoistown, Meeanee, Greenmeadows, Pirimai, Tamatea, Orotu Park, Onekawa, Marewa, Pandora, Poraiti, Westshore, Ahuriri, Hospital Hill, Bay View, Eskdale, Whirinaki, Glengarry, Moteo, Puketapu, Omahu, Fernhill, Twyford, Woolwich, Flaxmere, Lochain, Frimley, Camberley, Longlands, Paki Paki, Poukawa, Opapa, Te Hauke, Roys Hill, Crownthorpe, Glengarry, Tomoana, Mahora, Mayfair, Parkvale and Akina.

If you’re outside these suburbs, see our other clinics

Got a suspicious looking mole?
If you’re worried about a mole, and think it may have some of the early signs of melanoma, ask your doctor or dermatologist to check it as soon as possible – or book a Full Body MoleMap or SpotChat virtual consultation straight away

What is melanoma and how do you detect it?
Melanoma comes in many shapes and sizes. While most fit the standard ABCD criteria, other melanoma are a little more cunning, but because you know your skin, you may notice something. The problem is, that whilst people may notice a worrying mole during a mole check, many delay bringing it to the attention of their doctor. In fact, studies suggest that it can take upwards of 12 months for some people (particularly males) to seek medical attention about worrisome moles – and for some people that might be too long.

In addition to the ABCD, if you notice any moles during a self mole check that fit the general “E” for Evolution criteria of:

  • Changing
  • Itchy
  • Different from all the rest (ugly ducklings)
  • New

You should immediately bring them to the attention of MoleMap Napier, or your doctor.

As we age, skin cancer checks are more important
Any of us who are in our 30s or older probably have fond memories of idyllic summers spent out in the sun all day, with barely a thought for sunscreen or covering up. Unfortunately, back in those pre ‘sun smart’ days, the damage to your skin may already have been done – and you might be seeing the consequences now as you age. That is why a regular mole check is so crucial.

Not sure what type of mole check is right for you and your skin? Call us on 0800 665 362 or check out MoleMap’s range of skin cancer detection services here.

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