Don’t chance it. Check it.

Skin Check by MoleMap

A thorough ‘point in time’ skin check by a MoleMap Melanographer. Any moles of concern will be photographed and sent to a Dermatologist for expert diagnosis (please note: this service doesn’t include total body mapping or free spot checks).

How much does it cost?

For each session, you pay:
Per Appointment

Skin Check

  • ✓ Head to toe skin check by Melanographer
  • ✓ Imaging of any moles of concern for expert Dermatologist diagnosis
  • ✓ Advice on skin cancer prevention

Why choose MoleMap?

We don’t just check skin. We spot change.

Your skin is always changing. That’s why our proven system combines advanced skin-mapping technology with skin cancer expertise to detect melanoma early – when it’s most treatable.

We spot the spots that you might not.

Melanoma is the deadliest of all skin cancers1 and it’s hard to see with an untrained eye. Our advanced dermoscopic technology looks deep inside a mole’s structure to detect skin changes early.

Early detection is your best protection.

Skin cancer can occur at any time and the risk increases as you age.5 On the upside, if it’s detected early, it’s almost always treatable. So don’t leave it to chance: book with MoleMap today.

What’s the MoleMap difference?

The skin cancer specialists.

Our team of leading Dermatologists and Melanographers has been detecting melanoma for over 20 years. It’s all we do, and we do it thoroughly.

We check. And double-check.

The advantage of MoleMap is that not one, but two sets of expert eyes examine any moles of concern: a trained Melanographer and a Dermatologist.

Proven technology.

Most skin cancers such as melanoma are difficult to detect with the naked eye. Our advanced skin-mapping technology is designed to spot skin cancers earlier than visual checks.

Fewer scars. Fewer scares.

Because MoleMap can more accurately identify melanoma, there is less need to surgically remove benign (harmless) moles.6