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Our melanographers.

With over 40 clinics around the country, we have too many melanographers to fit on this page, but rest assured they’re all trained skin cancer nurses – and they’re all very caring, professional and discreet!

Melanographers are specially trained skin cancer nurses.

At your appointment, you’ll see a Melanographer, who’ll thoroughly check your skin for signs of melanoma or other forms of skin cancer using the latest skin-mapping technology. Any images of concern will then be sent securely to a dermatologist for further examination.

Molemap melanographers are registered nurses who have expertise in detecting and imaging skin for signs of melanoma and other skin cancers. Our Molemap melanographer training is accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists

Our melanographers are specially trained skin cancer nurses and they're all female to help you feel at ease. What's more, they're all specially trained in the detection and prevention of skin cancer. In fact, checking skin for signs of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer is all they do - day in and day out - so they know what to look for.

It’s such a specialised field that we’ve coined the name ‘melanographer’!

Meet our clinical managers

Our clinical managers run each of our over 40 clinics around the country, ensuring our service always meets the highest standards.

 Maria Buckingham Headshot

Maria Buckingham View Icon

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Maria Buckingham

Maria is the Clinical Manager and Educator at MoleMap and works closely with... Read More

Meet our dermatologist team

We draw on the experience of an international panel of specialist dermatologists to detect and diagnose skin cancers such as early-stage melanoma. You won't see a dermatologist at your appointment: however all moles or skin lesions of concern will be sent securely to one of dermatologists for thorough examination.

Associate Prof. Amanda Oakley Headshot

Associate Prof. Amanda Oakley

Dr Oakley is an experienced dermatologist based in Hamilton. She is Adjunct Associate Professor for the Department of...
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Dr. Shan Edwards Headshot

Dr. Shan Edwards

Shan is a Dermatologist practicing in Christchurch and Ashburton, she has been working both in private and public...
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Hon. Associate Prof. Marius Rademaker Headshot

Hon. Associate Prof. Marius Rademaker

Dr Marius Rademaker BM FRCP (Edin) FRACP DM is an Honorary Associate Professor at Waikato Clinical School (Auckland...
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Dr. David Scollay Headshot

Dr. David Scollay

Dr. Scollay is a specialist clinical dermatologist in private practice in Auckland and has recently become part of...
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Dr. Bruce Taylor Headshot

Dr. Bruce Taylor

Dr Bruce Taylor is a Senior Dermatologist with many years of experience in dealing with melanoma and skin cancer. He...
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Dr Christina Wlodek Headshot

Dr Christina Wlodek

Dr Wlodek deals with all aspects of dermatology. She also has a special interest in skin cancer and has completed a...
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