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Skin cancer education and skin cancer screening in the workplace

Discover the corporate skin cancer checks MoleMap can offer your business

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Posted 05/07/18
Look After Your Skin At Work Article

Did you know that skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer in New Zealand.1 That’s why, whether you or your staff work indoors or outdoors, skin cancer education, corporate mole maps and corporate skin checks are an essential part of any business health and wellness programme.

Many people don’t realise that New Zealand has the world’s second highest rate of melanoma1 – the most deadly form of skin cancer – with around 7 people a day diagnosed with melanoma in New Zealand.2 The estimated cost to our health system is around $123 million a year3, not to mention costs to sufferers and disruption to employment.

Corporate Skin Checks Website 2

If you’re an employer, consider offering corporate skin checks as part of your company’s health and safety wellness programme. It’s a great way to safeguard the wellbeing of your staff with the reassurance of regular checks. Or if you’re an employee, why not let your employer know about this great service?

Whether corporate skin checks, corporate mole maps, skin education seminars or all three, MoleMap can tailor a programme to meet the needs of your company and help to reduce risk for employees.

Corporate Mole Maps Website

Most MoleMap programmes are conducted at the workplace so that staff don’t need to leave the premises, minimising disruption to productivity – or we can provide vouchers so staff can visit any of our 40 clinics nationwide. Here’s what’s on offer:

Skin cancer education seminars

MoleMap offers a range of interactive seminars to create awareness of skin cancer protection and prevention. From 30-minute presentations to longer seminars held across several offices or branches, these can be tailored to meet the size, structure and budget of your organisation.

MoleMap Skin Check

This is a great starting point to give employees peace of mind. Taking around 15-20 minutes per employee, it includes a head-to-toe skin check by a MoleMap Melanographer (a trained skin cancer nurse), with detection and imaging of any moles showing features of melanoma for expert diagnosis by a leading Dermatologist.

Workplace Skin Cancer Screening

Full Body MoleMap

Especially if you or your colleagues work outdoors, the Full Body MoleMap is a must. It takes around 60 minutes per person and includes total body mapping by a MoleMap Melanographer (a trained skin cancer nurse) to track changes in the skin – as well as imaging of all significant moles for expert diagnosis by a leading Dermatologist.

Making it easy for employees

MoleMap takes care of all the administration to minimise disruption to productivity and provides a full report and analysis for reporting back to management. We also offer funding and payment options for companies – ask us for more details.

Find out more about MoleMap's Workplace Wellness programme here. You can also call us on 0800 665 362 or email [email protected].

References: 1. Health Promotion Agency and the Melanoma Network of New Zealand (MelNet) 2017: New Zealand Skin Cancer Primary Prevention and Early Detection Strategy 2017 to 2022. 2. MOH, 2017. Cancer: New Registrations and Deaths 2015. 3. Estimated at $123 including loss of revenue due to loss of skilled workers. O’Dea, D. (2009) The Costs of Skin Cancer to New Zealand.

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