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Terms and Conditions


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), any reference to “we”, “us” or “our” is a reference to MoleMap Limited.

Site Administration

This website is administered by MoleMap Limited in New Zealand andy LLC

The sole purpose of the website is to enable MoleMap Limited and its subsidiaries to provide health consultations to its patients.

Access to this website and to these health consultations are governed by these Terms.

Change of Terms

We may vary these Terms from time to time, at our discretion.

You will need to accept the then current Terms to be able to make an appointment. Any variations become effective immediately upon publication on this website.


The goal of the MoleMap SpotChat Service is to provide clinical advice and education, inform you about the health of your skin, provide risk profiling and give you the opportunity to send through an image of a mole/lesion you are concerned about for clinical recommendation.

The online service is intended to provide patients education and advice and a risk indication for the most common types of skin cancer, as related to a specific spot on the skin, based on a photo taken from your mobile device. Based on the assessment, MoleMap provides a recommendation of whether to visit a healthcare professional for further review or to book in for an in-clinic MoleMap appointment.

In cases which may pose a potential health risk, Molemap will provide feedback to you about the preferred next step to take.

Children 18 years of age or younger need to have a parent or guardian involved in the consult.


The goal of the Molemap SpotChat service is to help you understand your skin health and is not intended to replace traditional methods of the evaluation of skin cancer risk level, is not a diagnosis, and is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional.

Face-to-face Consultations

In addition to the above service, Molemap provides in-clinic services such as spot checks, skin checks and Full Body Molemap services. Details of these, including costs and appointment availability will be discussed with you during your consultation with a MoleMap Melanographer.

Service cancellation or suspension

Services may be cancelled or suspended, and there may be times when the website is down.

We may at any time, without prior notice or any liability to you, cancel or suspend any or all online services and/or to substitute alternative services. We cannot guarantee that our website will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Force Majeure

In addition to and separately from any other provision of these Terms, you agree that we will not be liable for any inability by you to access or use the website or any failure by us to comply with these Terms where the cause arises from an event that is beyond our reasonable control.

Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

The following clauses are in addition to and separate from any other exclusion or limitation clauses in these Terms.

In no event will we or any of our employees be liable to you for any reason under any head of law (whether contract, negligence or any other head of law) for any costs (including legal costs as between lawyer and own client), expenses, losses, compensation, or direct indirect consequential exemplary incidental or punitive damages, including for any form of economic loss such as (by way of general example only) lost revenue or profits, that arise in any way out of your access to and/or use of our website or the services provided to you through our website or any inability to access or use our website or from any non-compliance by us with any of our obligations under these Terms.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we contract out of and exclude any warranties, conditions, or guarantees that might be implied under any law, statutory or otherwise, in relation to our services and to the access and use of our website.

If, notwithstanding the foregoing, we or any of our employees are found to be liable to you for any amount whether, by way of compensation, damages or otherwise, our and their liability shall not exceed NZ$100.00.

These provisions survive any termination of your access to our site, which would automatically terminate the contract embodied in these Terms.

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