10 ways to stay safe, sane and well at home.

How to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy during COVID-19

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Posted 07/04/20

As we head into week 3 of the lockdown, we’re hopefully all settling into life at home. For some of us this will be a time for family and a simpler life: but for many of us, it may be boring, frustrating or challenging. So here are 10 easy, doable ways to keep yourself (and your family) busy, productive and healthy during the coming weeks.

Stay Home Stay Safe And Set A Routine

Above: Stay in routine - get up at the same time as usual

1. Set a routine

Especially if you’re not working, it may feel like the perfect time to blob on the couch and binge on back-to-back Netflix shows. But experts recommend keeping some sort of routine to create a sense of normality in your life. Try to get up at the same time as usual, eat when you’d usually eat, and go to bed at a decent hour. It’s especially important for children to have some sort of routine to stop them climbing the walls with boredom!

Stay Home Stay Safe Get Fresh Air

Above: Get fresh air - do yoga with your family in your garden.

2. Get some fresh air

Not easy we know with the current restrictions, but if you feel like the walls are closing in, it’s really important to get out for at least a short walk or bike ride every day. We love that Kiwis are getting creative about doing this – you can do yoga or pilates on your lawn or deck, join in the free workouts on TV, or set up an obstacle course for the kids in the yard. If you’re working, why not work on the deck or verandah on sunny days? The fresh air and change of view might even make you more productive!

Stay Home Stay Safe Set Daily Goals

Above: Set daily goals you can achieve

3. Make goals – and boundaries

Try to include a couple of manageable goals in each day to give you a sense of purpose – and satisfaction when you get it done. For many people, now’s a great chance to catch up on those chores we don’t usually have time to do in our busy lives – and there’s nothing like ticking off goals to help you feel better! But at the same time, put some boundaries around working at home or doing that to-do list, so you have some downtime as well.

Stay Home Stay Safe Eat Healthy

Above: Now you have more time to create healthy recipes.

4. Eat well

It’s very easy to over-eat when the fridge and pantry is right there and there’s not much else to do. But as always, it’s vital to eat a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, if you have a bit more time up your sleeve, it means you can take time to plan your meals or create a healthier option than usual. And while we all miss takeaways (sob), it’s a great time to get in the habit of having more home-cooked meals. Home-made pizza, burgers or a curry on a Friday night almost feels like the real thing and is probably healthier.

Stay Home Stay Safe Meditate

Above: Practice simple meditation

5. Just breathe

This is a time of huge stress for many of us, so look after your emotional and mental health – and that of your loved ones. Practising simple meditation or breathing is an easy (and free) way to feel calmer and less anxious and it can also strengthen your immunity too. Slow breathing, through yoga or mindfulness techniques, has been scientifically shown to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety and relieve insomnia. To achieve the benefits of slow, deep breathing, aim to breathe just six times a minute. Now relax.

Stay Home Stay Safe Have Fun With The Kids

Above: Turn up the music and dance!

6. Up the fun factor

Try not to worry about the ‘big picture’ too much: instead, practice feeling grateful for the little things in life. Above all, schedule some fun stuff to look forward to, like watching a comedy series or a light-hearted family movie. Try to turn boring jobs into fun jobs – like turning up the music and dancing while you’re doing the housework. And remember, if things are starting to get on top of you, talk to a friend or family member and tell them how you’re feeling.

Stay Home Stay Safe Limit The News

Above: Limit the news time to reduce stress and anxiety

7. Limit the news

We all want to stay informed, but constantly following and checking the news can very quickly lead to more stress and anxiety. Create boundaries and set regular times to catch up on the news, such as twice a day. And be very mindful of the effect of the constant barrage of bad news on younger children – consider getting your news from other sources, rather than having the TV on in front of them.

Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Connected

Above: Stay connected with family and friends by video chatting.

8. Stay connected

Social distancing does not mean completely cutting ourselves off from others - in fact, right now, we need each other more than ever. Especially if you’re isolating on your own, try to reach out to at least one person every day (friends, family, neighbours, the elderly) by text, or even better phone, to check in on how they are doing. Making dates for ‘virtual coffee’ or ‘virtual drinks’ with friends and family is a great way to stay connected and give you something to look forward to. And if you’re out for a walk, take the time to smile or say hello to others – from at least two metres away of course!

Stay Home Stay Safe Have Plenty Of Sleep

Above: Get plenty of sleep to reboot.

9. Get plenty of zzzzz’s

Sleep is when your body reboots and repairs itself, so why not take this rare opportunity to get more sleep? Experts recommend that adults need at least seven hours of sleep to function and be productive, so use this chance to go to bed earlier or even have the occasional lie-in.

Stay Home Stay Safe Get Creative With The Kids

Above: Get creative at home and keep the kids entertained.

10. Get creative

Make the most of the extra downtime and reduce your anxiety levels by engaging your right brain. Writing, baking, dancing, time in nature, painting, reading, these are all great creative outlets for you to channel your emotions into. Who says you can’t turn the music up loud and dance in your living room? No one, so dance away!

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