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Posted 31/08/20
How To Find Balance In Life

Around the world, Covid-19 has seen many of us reassess our life balance. We’ve slowed down the pace of life, spent more time with loved ones, and re-evaluated what really matters.

And amid all the worry and change, some positive things have happened. Although everyone’s situation is different, some people have reported feeling more balanced as a result of these unexpected changes in their life.

How do you feel about your life right now? Do you generally feel calm and centred? Or are you often feeling stressed, even when you can’t pinpoint the exact cause? Drawing a ‘Wheel of Life’ may help!

The Wheel Of Life Web

Image: a completed Wheel of Life. This tool can help you determine the areas in your life that you are need attention.

What is the ‘Wheel of Life’?

The Wheel of Life is a tool that’s commonly used by therapists and life-coach experts. It’s a simple way to step back and take a birds-eye view of how balanced your life is.

When you think about it, a wheel is a good metaphor for life – because it needs to be a balanced, even shape to travel smoothly. And an uneven wheel always means a bumpier ride! Drawing your own Wheel of Life will help you pinpoint where your imbalances are, so you can work on fixing them.

Here’s how to create your own wheel, in three easy steps:

Step 1: Choose nine key areas of life that are important to you.

To get started, there are a few fundamental ones. ‘Health’, for instance, is something that should be on everyone’s wheel. ‘Relationships’ is another (you might choose to have more than one section for this – e.g family, friends, intimate relationships). ‘Work and career’ is another common one.

‘Fun and recreation’ is the time you spend doing the things you enjoy. ‘Money and finances’ is another one.

Add a few more – choosing anything that feels important to you – so that you get a total of eight key areas. Some other ideas might be: ‘lifestyle/living environment’, ‘spirituality’, ‘creativity’, ‘contributing to society’, or ‘making a difference to others’.

Step 2: Rate each area on a scale of 0 – 10.

Got your nine areas? Great. Now download a blank Wheel of Life and print a copy (if you don't have a printer see instructions below).

Rate each area of life according to your current level of satisfaction. For each section, use coloured markers or pencils to fill in the relevant number of sections. For example, if you choose 10/10 for 'Health', that piece of the wheel should be fully coloured in. If you choose 0/10 you will not fill any colour in at all.

Wheel Of Life Draw X

Hint: If you don't have a printer, draw a wheel with eight sections using a ruler to mark each tenth of the radius arms and join the dots across.

Step 3: It’s time to boost those satisfaction ratings!

Brainstorm some ideas for each area of your life that scores less than a five. Jot down some “things to do”, some “things to stop doing”, or “things to delegate”.

Next steps

You could keep your “to-do” list somewhere handy as a reminder. (Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of ticking things off a list?)

Also, you might want to store a copy of your wheel, or keep a photo on your phone or computer. It’s a good idea to revisit this exercise at least once a year, to compare how things have changed or improved for you.

Good luck with your wheel – and keep on rollin’!

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